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Bizet’s Carmen is next on the Met’s Live in HD schedule, airing this Saturday at 1 at both Brier Creek and North Hills theatres. It is sold out, BTW, but I have it that tickets are still available for the encore on Wednesday Feb 3. Don’t miss it because:

OMG, what an opera!!! Bizet was told he’d “frighten the audience away” with his sexy, irascible Carmen, but he never watered her down and stuck with his theme of sex, violence, racism and freedom. Now, Carmen is considered one of the most popular operas. Carmen, Carmen…now there’s a gal! Many adjectives have described her. Sex addict. Erotic. Superstitious (yes there are Tarot cards). Evil. Seductress. Death-obsessed. Suicide. Ruiner. Ultimately doomed.

And what a mezzo role! Some of the memorables who’ve played Carmen include Regina Resnik, Rise Stevens, Marilyn Horne and Teresa Berganza. Berganza singing with Placido Domingo in the Don Jose role is my personal fav. This time it’s Elina Garanca as the feisty Carmen. Elina is tall, lithe and beautiful and apparently lifts her skirts and splays her legs a lot: “a real man-eater full of sexual magnetism.” She also plays a mean tambourine.

Be a Carmen. Face death proudly. Find a ticket somewhere.


Written by Darla

January 9, 2010 at 10:02 am

Posted in Opera Production

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