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Verdi Was A Goth

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"We Cry, We Suffer, We Die." Mmmmm. Death-rock goth indeed.



Looking to attract the slasher-movie goer to its 2010 season, Teatro Alla Scala–one of the world’s most famous opera houses–rebrands to target a new, younger generation. And the message from Milan is that the youthful, sassy rebranding is working.

“This campaign challenges the idea that opera is difficult, boring, old and not for mere mortals, especially poor ones,” said Donatella Brunazzi, the brain behind the new strategy.

The rebranding has all proved too much for traditionalists such as Italo-French director Denis Krief. “You don’t sell opera like a pair of jeans,” he said. Oh, Mr Krief, don’t be sooooo yesterday.

Watch this video ad for “LaScalaUNDER30”, a project by the Teatro dedicated to under 30s. Death-rock goth indeed.


Written by Darla

November 19, 2009 at 8:47 am

Posted in Opera News

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